Newest Superbikes

February 24, 2015 at 3:53 AM

superbikeNothing provides more thrills and spills like a superbike, in fact the year 2015 has its own edition of the newest superbikes that will prove to be edgier and furious. The biker world is about to get more adventurous and appetizingly exciting with the superbikes that 2015 has in store. They pack power, speed, ability and strength which would be many a biker’s dream. Now to the impressive class of 2015:

The Ducati 1299 Pangale S cracks the 200- horsepower barrier. It has a powerful 1285cc Superquadro v-twin engine, how about that? Its 205 horsepower produces 10 500 rpm and 106.7 pound feet of torque. It has an advanced engine architecture with the gigantic pistons measuring more than 4.5 inches across as the bore has been increased to 116mm as compared to the Ducati 1199. Its large valves allow it to breathe easy during high performance rpm. The skeletal backbone of the Ducati’s chassis is lightweight, multi-functional and compact. Built with forward-thinking, the chassis are a fuel circuit, throttle bodies and an air filter making the superbikes construction innovative and revolutionary. Its swingarm pivot has been lowered to 4mm for increased geometry and the steering rake is calibrated at half a degree for quicker response.

It has a 998cc engine capacity with a 4 liter engine with titanium connecting rods, sizeable chambers and compact combustion chambers. The Yamaha Y2F-R1 was made and perfectly suited for the track. The sum total of its parts include LED lights, magnesium wheels, a taller protective windscreen and a titanium exhaust. The bike features an excellent Unified Braking System (UBS) and an ABS. The bike boats of speed and composure with great aerodynamics. It remains stable even at speeds as high as 180mph. The sitting area is roomier with a flatter seat and a lower rank. It has an electronic racing suspension which makes a rider gain more confidence at high speeds. It is lightweight and formidable. The Yamaha Y2F-R1 is a monster on the race track.

spbikeThe KTM 1190 RC8 R 2015 is one of the newest superbikes to hit the market. It has a 2 cylinder, liquid cooled, 4stroke engine. It has 173 horsepower engine performance. The transmission is 6-speed while the clutch is hydraulically operated offering complete control. The ignition system is fully electronic with a digital ignition timing statement. Furthermore the ignition system is contactless. The front braking system is made up of a twin disc brake with four piston brake clippers while the rear brakes are a single disc with two pistons. It weighs 184kg. The frame is made from chrome steel. This superbike has one of the most powerful V2 engines currently. KTM pulled all the stops to come up with this thing of power and beauty.